RTS Global Consulting

We have an inflexible responsibility to provide our clients with the highest quality deliverables, at the same time as we strive for a peak level of principled standards and performance in what we do. Our business operates in a manner that safeguards the safety and health of our team members through our comprehensive environmental, health, and safety program. The continued protection of our team members, customers, business associates, subcontractors, and neighbors is of great importance.

At RTS GLOBAL CONSULTING, we believe that, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” To us, quality performance means two things. First, we take satisfaction in exceeding our customers expectations by delivering products and services on schedule and at the agreed upon price. Second, we continuously work to improve our processes and systems to ensure that our work truly does exceed requirements. As such, we have a rigid self-awareness program in place. Our TQM matrix includes 4 key areas:

  • Quality of Deliverables – Our goal is to exceed the expectations of not only our clients but to work with our business partners to improve the value level at all points along the “production” line.
  • Timeliness of Deliverables – On time, every time.
  • Cost of Deliverables – As agreed or we absorb the overrun.
  • Query Response – Nothing is more detrimental to a cooperative relationship than closed lines of communication. Our pledge is not only that we will respond in a timely fashion to all queries but that we will do so within 12 hours at the absolute maximum.

Our quality framework is integrated into the RTSGC corporate philosophy and defines our quality requirements, systems, and infrastructure. Our in-house, closed-source solution, RTSTQM®, is employed to plan-for, design-out, develop-up, and distribute-out deliverables that meet our client’s requirements. It provides us and our business partners with a far-reaching set of tailored technical, management, and economic processes and systems, appropriate procedures, and complete deliverable life-cycle models. CMMI, ISO, and DOD ASQ standards, and over six decades of our team’s practical experience, form the basis and best practices upon which RTSTQM is formulated

Our team members are constantly formulating and reformulating their standards to meet our high expectations. What does this mean to our customers? It means the highest quality deliverables with a continual focus on improvement.

Our clients’ satisfaction is a key factor in our overall success and is extremely important to our overall reputation. As we are always striving for continued improvement, we invite all business partners and clients to share what you think of our performance, and how we can improve, by completing our Customer Feedback form.