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Engineering Strategies

  1. Site Remediation
    1. Chemical, Defense, and Environmental
    2. Onsite Demolition, Offsite Transportation, and In-Country “Gifting” Matrix
    3. Advanced Convoy and Transportation Services Plan Development

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Contract Administration

Business Relationship

  1. Government/NGO Business Relationship Services
    1. Plan creation and realization
    2. Multilingual Liaison services
    3. Progressive Bid/Win Ratio
    4. Jointly Established Performance Metrics

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a. Comprehensive Diplomacy (Government and Civilian) Project Management

      1. Secured Courier and Diplomatic Protocol
      2. Project Leadership in Procurement Projects
      3. Multi-Cultural Projects and Communications


  1. Forensic Accounting
    1. Economic Damage Calculations
    2. Situational Data Recreation
    3. Specialized Data Management and Electronic Discovery

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Risk Management

  1. Static (including Port) Site Security
    1. Area Assessment
    2. Plan Development and Implementation
    3. Targeted Comprehensive Human Resource Management and Insertion
    4. Material Expenditure Plan
    5. Jane’s Research and Equipment Purchase

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Global Operations

  1. NGO Operations
    1. Inter/Intra-governmental Reporting and Administration
    2. Staffing, Performance Management, and Team Building
    3. Coalition Creation and Execution
  2. Expatriation/Repatriation/Visa Management
    1. Situation Analysis, Process Development and Execution
    2. International Document Creation and Delivery
    3. Review and Implementation of Compliant HR Solutions

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