RTS Global Consulting

Management Consulting as an ethos is at the very heart of who we are and what we’re about.  After all, bringing Management Consultingtogether the highest quality deliverables to address engineering needs, develop process auditing, or manage risk is meaningless if we don’t already have set in place a bullet-proof management plan that will ensure success.  With our 70+ years of combined experience in these areas, our Client Family is assured of comprehensive guidance.  The fields of focus for our Management Consulting group are:

Strategic and Tactical (Operational) Planning

  1. Utilizing key personnel, and others, set in place and populate an Advisory Board.
  2. Facilitating a review of the company’s Goals and Objectives, Mission and Vision Statements, and previous elucidations in the strategic plan area.
  3. Arranging for a complete evaluation of the Organizational Structure and reassignment and modification of hierarchical metrics as needed.
  4. Performing an in-depth analysis of Internal Operations, preparing and delivering a report, for the preceding 3 years.
  5. Following recognized best practices, completing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis, defining Core Purpose & Ideologies, identifying long-term goals and objectives, and completing an Environmental Scan.
  6. Directing the client embedded HR department in full development of all key Position Descriptions.
  7. Annually directing the process of setting in place an operational work plan for the upcoming year.
  8. Annually guiding our clients’ CXO type professionals in defining/redefining aspects of the strategic plan to be addressed in the Operational Work Plan.


Financial Management and Revenue Growth Planning

  1. Identifying and installing enterprise financial solutions for our Client Family.
  2. Developing Annual Budgets that exceed the needs of our clients’ strategic and tactical plans.
  3. Collaborating with our clients in the development and review of Financial Statements (fully audited when necessary) – ensuring full and fair disclosure.
  4. As our clients businesses grow, developing and fully vetting Cash Flow Management reports and assessing forward-looking cash needs.
  5. Analyzing and evaluating current financial performance indicators from liquidity to efficiency, profitability (NPM-ROA-ROE) to debt-to-equity and debt-to-asset.
  6. Capturing the information needed in guiding and directing the development of an Annual Profit Plan.
  7. Defining the annual Revenue Target and working to identify future Revenue Potential and expected Growth Rates.
  8. Preparing and delivering a fully-vetted Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) including a “Break-Even” Cost Analysis
  9. Establishing a Competitive and Profitable Billing Rate Structure including Ʌ.


RFPs/RFQs and Proposals and Contracts

  1. Facilitating the process in defining expectations and “ground-truths” as part of developing and delivering THE winning proposal.
  2. Private vs. Public RFP Response and development of industry specific in-house response development.
  3. Dissecting and defining the SOW (Statement of Work) – this is especially important when working in cross-cultural environments.
  4. Highlighting key differences in identifying and contouring RFP/RFQ Response relative to perceived agency culture.
  5. Developing and delivering additional RFP/RFQ related documents such as EOI (Expression of Interest), LOI (Letter of Instruction), and Cover Letter.
  6. Investing all time required to fully vet and cross-reference the Cost or Financial Proposal and incorporating it into the RFP response.
  7. Leveraging independent and in-house, LN (Local National), TCN (Third-Country National), and Expat talent to ensure desired or REQUIRED mix of personnel.
  8. Identifying and addressing contract Liability and Legal “Traps” in providing for appropriate levels of Indemnification.
  9. Providing for contractual Supplemental Services including Work Authorizations, local/international tax payments, and appropriate insurance coverages.


Project Administration and Management

  1. Reviewing previous budget action items and creating Project Specific Top-Down and Bottom-Up Budget frameworks.
  2. Developing and incorporating Best Practices at all levels of management responsibility and project delivery.
  3. Instituting QA (Quality Assurance), QC (Quality Control), QI (Quality Improvement), and ISO 9001 (where applicable) at all levels of Project Deliverables.
  4. Developing and instituting the QASP (Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan) in all USG PBSA projects.
  5. Collaborating with and Leading our clients in developing and instituting fully disclosed project and financial auditing metrics.
  6. Researching prior needs and assessing future expectations in creating a consequential Staffing Utilization Plan.
  7. Developing and managing a properly vetted and integrated Project Delivery System with attendant Procurement Best Practices.
  8. Providing Project Monitoring Systems that include Cost-Accounting, Data Analysis, Project Controls/Performance, Earned Value System, Cost Variance, and “Scope Creep”.


Employee Benefits and Human Resources Management

  1. Collaborating with our clients in developing and instituting project/contract specific Policies and Procedures Manuals.
  2. Developing fully vetted Insurance/Benefits/Bonus/Security/Evacuation employee programs.
  3. Coordinating/managing traditional (defined benefit/contribution) type and non-traditional (non-ERISA) type (deferred compensation/key person) plans.
  4. Developing and setting in place Employee Performance Evaluation and Career Development metrics including document creation and delivery.
  5. Creating metrics for compensation review and incentive based compensation programs.
  6. Developing and delivering ancillary employment services, fully-vetting national and expat employees and contractors.
  7. Creating and instituting best practices to cultivate, identify, train, coach, and retain needed talent at all levels.
  8. Developing and overseeing management structure based on traditional command hierarchy.


Office Administration

  1. Developing and managing full Back Office functionality including Accounting, Regulatory Compliance, Project Management, and IT.
  2. Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable, Billing, Enterprise Financial Software.
  3. Instituting document retention/handling protocols that meet or exceed applicable US and international regulations such as FACTA, SOX, HIPAA, etc.
  4. Instituting digital document retention requirements that meet or exceed applicable US and international regulations.
  5. Basic management of technology, travel, security functions within the operation.
  6. Overall, day-to-day activities related to basic financial management, record keeping/retention/destruction, billing, personnel and HR, and logistics.



  1. Creating – in synchronization with the corporate Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan – a forward looking Strategic Marketing Plan including Action Items and Project Accountability.
  2. Collaborating with our clients in developing and maintaining a high-end, professional web presence.
  3. Creating a one-stop, interlinked portal for all social media relationships.
  4. Creating and setting in place corporate disaster/communication plans at the Corporate, Regional, and Local settings.
  5. Creating, using, and constantly updating a corporate Public Relations Plan.
  6. Analyzing and regularly updating all aspects of the company’s Marketing Mix.