RTS Global Consulting

Global Operations

  1. NGO Operations
    1. Inter/Intra-governmental Reporting and Administration
    2. Staffing, Performance Management, and Team Building
    3. Coalition Creation and Execution
  2. Expatriation/Repatriation/Visa Management
    1. Situation Analysis, Process Development and Execution
    2. International Document Creation and Delivery
    3. Review and Implementation of Compliant HR Solutions
  3. SDVOSB Creation and Management
    1. Plan for Certification Creation, Implementation, and Revision
    2. Special Entity Filing and CVE Certification Process
    3. Special Advocacy/Liaison Services

  4. Business Incubator/Corporate Development and Expansion
    1. Corporate creation and funding
      1. Business Plan Creation
      2. Pro-Forma Creation and Administration
      3. SBA/Bank/Investor/Joint Venture Liaison Services
    2. Government/Special Entity Filings and Registrations
      1. US and Global
      2. EDGAR DB Filings and Management
      3. Governance Document Creation and Revision
    3. Business Continuity Planning
      1. Threat Identification and Management
      2. Plan Development and Implementation
      3. Disaster Recovery – ISO 22301 Compliance
    4. Advanced (non-code) benefit planning and exit strategy development
      1. Key Person Shield and Exit Strategy Development
      2. Tax (foreign and domestic) Strategies
      3. Institution Analysis – Plan Positioning and Execution
    5. Strategic Business Planning
      1. Advisory Board Creation
      2. Long-term Meeting Structure
      3. PEST (political, economic, social, technological) Analysis
      4. Situational Analysis and Goal Sequencing
      5. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
      6. Long-term Customized Plan Development and Installation
  5. Government Advisory and Liaison Services
    1. Financial and Management Accounting
      1. Model Based Forward Looking Planning
      2. Confidential Report Analytics
      3. Forecasting/Planning/Variance Analysis
    2. Regulatory and Economics
      1. Sustainable Program Development
      2. Code/Regulation Compliance
      3. Grant Writing and Administration
  6. ISO 9001:2008 Compliance
    1. Proper Document and Information Control
    2. QPM (Quality Procedures Manual) Creation and Management
    3. P&S (Processes and Systems) Development and Administration
  7. International LLC/IBC (International Business Corporation) Trust Creation/Administration
    1. Offshore Services Formation, Development, and Structuring
    2. Advanced Financial and Operational Consulting Services