RTS Global Consulting

Contract Administration

  1. sam-contractadminGovernment/NGO Business Relationship Services
    1. Plan creation and realization
    2. Multilingual Liaison services
    3. Progressive Bid/Win Ratio
    4. Jointly Established Performance Metrics
  2. Capture Management Services
    1. Opportunity Profile
    2. Capture Project Plan
    3. Bid Development/Review/Approval Matrix
  3. Targeted Business Development and Execution
    1. Right Place/Right Time
    2. Competitive-Targeted Intelligence Gathering
    3. Outside the Box Quantification Tools
  4. Comprehensive Diplomacy (Government and Civilian) Project Management
    1. Secured Courier and Diplomatic Protocol
    2. Project Leadership in Procurement Projects
    3. Multi-Cultural Projects and Communications
  5. Customized Processes and Systems Development
  6. Linguistic and Translation Support
    1. Onsite and Remote Access
    2. Multilingual Support
      1. Written and Spoken
      2. Common and Business
  7. Forensic Accounting
    1. Economic Damage Calculations
    2. Situational Data Recreation
    3. Specialized Data Management and Electronic Discovery
      1. Fraud Detection Data Analysis
      2. Financial Audit Trail Recovery
  8. Video/Computer Forensics
    1. NLE Digitization and CCTV De-multiplexing
    2. Case-by-case SOP Development and Institution
    3. AAFS, DSI, and IAI Certified Team Members
  9. Contract Governance and Institutional Management
    1. Review, Draft, and Negotiation
    2. Performance Monitoring Matrix
    3. Profit Maximization and Risk Minimization
  10. “Special Project” Development and Installation
    1. Accepted on a Situational Basis