RTS Global Consulting

Engineering Strategies

  1. Site Remediation
    1. Chemical, Defense, and Environmental
    2. Onsite Demolition, Offsite Transportation, and In-Country “Gifting” Matrix
    3. Advanced Convoy and Transportation Services Plan Development
  2. EH&S
    1. Comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Consulting
    2. Plan Creation and Implementation
    3. Matrix Creation and Ongoing Measurement
  3. System Map and Modeling
    1. Production System, Issue System, and Mental Models Development
    2. Macro System Leverage Management
    3. Conflict Management Metrics and Effectiveness
  4. Selective Asset (Resource) Recovery (SARR)
    1. Technology (software, hardware, data)
    2. Defense Related
    3. General Equipment and Services
  5. Institution of Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD)
    1. Performance and Capacity Model Creation and Implementation
    2. Key Leverage Point Identification and Exploitation
    3. Identification and Engagement of Key Partners
  6. ISO 9001 Compliance
    1. Proper Document and Information Control
    2. QPM (Quality Procedures Manual) Creation and Management
    3. P&S (Processes and Systems) Development and Administration