RTS Global Consulting


  • To Our Customers – “RTS Global Consulting – Leaving Nothing to Chance” We are here to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. We do this by placing the utmost priority on the superiority, relevance, and efficacy of all of our solutions. We professionally manage all aspects of our relationship with steadfastness and the highest of expert principles.
  • To Our Team Members – We supply a healthy, productive, and safe workplace. Regardless of where we are working, we cultivate for our team members surroundings that foster fresh ideas, best-in-class productivity, professional achievement, and recognized opportunities for advancement. Among other goals, we are committed to promoting and nurturing multicultural awareness as an integral part of RTS Global Consulting’s daily life.
  • To Our Business Partners and Subcontractors – We are committed to a professional and equitable relationship in all of our business lines and respect our responsibility to our subcontractors and business partners. We recognize the critical role of our suppliers, and pledge commitment to our current and future supplier base that enhance RTSGC’s global business position. We support the collaborative supplier relationship. We value opportunities to participate in cooperative analysis of products and services, and to enhance the value and continual improvement of the project work we complete together. We choose subcontractors and business partners who hold-fast to our ethical standards and commitment to quality.
  • To Our Neighbors – We honor and respect the customs and laws of each community that we work or live in. We are responsible citizens of our World.