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Pittsburgh Comic Thrives on Success


Comic Shaun Blackham Finds Success Once again, we do LOVE everything Pittsburgh!  Most especially when we’ve got something clearly positive — a success story — about a friend from Kiski Area.  The Pittsburgh Tribune article about local comic talent and fellow KA Cavalier Shaun Blackham written by Shirley McMarlin explores: Q: So you weren’t the class […]

Leah Smith — Excellence

Commitment Excellence

A Pittsburgh Native’s Commitment to Excellence A March 2013 Athlete of the Week television spot from WTAE, features now Olympic Bronze and Gold Medal winner Leah Smith.  WTAE’s Mike Clark again featured Leah in an interview only a few weeks ago that moved us to throw in our 2 cents as well!  At RTSGC we […]

Pittsburgh Symphony Sensory Friendly

PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA SENSORY FRIENDLY PERFORMANCE Sensory-friendly performances, at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are open to people of all ages and abilities but designed especially for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, sensory sensitivities, or other disabilities.  The symphony works closely with its Accessibility Advisory Committee and others in the Pittsburgh community to plan these performances, […]

Seven Virtues of Bushido


The Seven Virtues of Bushido In consideration of the divisiveness created by the current U.S. Presidential race, we wanted to share something a bit more centered and uplifting, the virtues of Bushido. The Bushido code is typified by seven virtues (as visioned by Nitobe Inazo): Rectitude (義 gi) – morally correct behavior Courage (勇 yū) – strength in the face […]